• A teamwork adventure

    Inside Your Movie not only offers the chance of having a wonderful final video piece, the process is itself a participative experience for learning about the tricks used in special FX and practicing performance abilities in a collaborative task

  • All ages and beginner friendly

    This is a beginner friendly activity where participants will have the time to learn acting skills if they wish. We arrange a plan to make everybody feel comfortable and have fun choosing and becoming their character

  • Choose your own style and get inside

    From comedy, fantasy, adventure or mystery... Cosplay is very advisable for those who want to make the most of the experience

  • High-end video with cinematic look and sound

    We take advantage of the latest technologies and 3DFX applications to achieve a cinematic video. Budget, quality and working time are balanced, always considering the main objective that customers have fun

INSIDE YOUR MOVIE: Personalised film experience

Inside Your Movie provides a unique experience for participants to become stars in a personalised high quality short film. The activity is absolutely flexible and tailor-made, based on the customer's taste and needs, with a big number of screenplay and cosplay options to customise.

Inside Your Movie can provide services anywhere in the world, dispatching a single professional or a minimal team to the customer's desired location. Customers also have the interesting option of visiting the permanent studio in the south of Spain, in the wonderful and sunny city of Malaga.


Story Proposals

Between our screenplay proposals there are unique stories and parodies, the mainly recommended styles are

Locations Catalogue

The shoot can be done in a studio, rental location, the customer’s property or a

Cosplay Proposals

One of the most enjoyable parts of IYM experiences is to become someone new, a

SFX Examples

In IYM we are always researching the latest technologies for the creation of stunning special