Choose the idea you like the most from our catalogue (recommended) or provide us with the idea you have and we can evaluate it*.

Define the participant roles and the locations: who is going to participate, the roles for each person, where we are going to shoot… 

We finalize a customized screenplay based on those requirements, needs and your desires in a realistic way and with your personal touches.

*The evaluation of screenplays or ideas out of IYM’s catalogue may have additional costs.


The budget is settled based on the screenplay needs, according to a storyboard and a production plan.

You will be able to see the concept of the story as a sequence of pictures before we even start!


Based on the storyboard we proceed with the organized arrangements:

  • Programming the schedule, shoot dates and travel arrangements.
  • Venue/stage arrangements, performers’ outfits and make up tests, additional elements for the scenario…
  • Screenplay readings, acting performance tips for participants, mock recordings to get familiarized with the camera and movements on stage, and relaxed and enjoyable rehearsals.
*At this stage the meetings and tests will be run remotely, with sessions online and sharing video content/pictures about the necessary preparation.
You can have fun working on your performance with rehearsals, in an acting workshop if you wish.


Our professional camera-director is going to meet your group in person a couple of days in advance, to check everything is ready and work on the final preparations.

We can enjoy some exciting last rehearsals without pressure before the real shoot.

We avoid long hours recording sessions, if it’s necessary we can split the recording into several days.


Depending on the complexity of the video, the editing can take several weeks as we need to work hard to compensate for a quick paced shoot. A meticulous process to work on the image color grading, the sound mix, SFX creation and the last touches with a tailor made cinematic soundtrack.