Free mentorship for new talents:


  • Fluent English (IYM works in English)
  • Passion for filmmaking
  • Be active (there will be much more self study and suggested practice tasks than lectures).
  • Be self suficient economically (this is not a payed job or internship and can take a great deal of time until you have a chance to make your living with this, if that comes…)

What you will learn:

  • Video/photography/ilumination
  • Filmmaking/directing/storyboarding
  • VFX creation
  • Audio recording
  • (optional) 3D creation/animation

What you will access to

  • Profesional photography, video and sound equipment
  • Studio and learning space
  • Video editing computers and software
  • (optional) 3D creation computer
  • Carlos Javier Guerrero mentorship