It is important that the clients understand and agree with Inside Your Movie (IYM) video quality and style before signing the contract. IYM commits to provide a final video based on those quality standards so wrong expectations can be not possible to satisfy.

A detailed storyboard and production plan is elaborated with the proposal as a working tool but also as an important part of the contract itself. IYM commits to follow this storyboard step by step as agreed, as long as there are no external circumstances or technical difficulties that may prevent it. 

IYM keeps the right to refuse changes in the storyboard and contract once this is approved, especially if they are last minute.

IYM is a participative experience in which customers take a big responsibility for some important tasks, therefore the customer’s commitment can be an important element for the success of the experience and the final video quality.

IYM’s purpose is to achieve  100% customer’s satisfaction, however, it is never possible to guarantee it. IYM commits to revise the final editing based on the customer requirements within some limitations.

For SCFI-special SFX a sample view about how the FX is going to look at the final editing shall be approved by the clients previously to the shoot.


Initial Deposit

An initial deposit is taken for arranging the screenplay and elaborating the storyboard proposal based on the customer’s needs and preferences. This deposit is non refundable. Based on this storyboard a “Production Budget” will be issued.

Production Budget1/2+Expenses

If the customers agree with the production budget, it becomes necessary to pay the 50% of this estimation to IYM in order to proceed with the arrangements. The travel expenses for the director if there are, the appropriate insurances or any other charges must be taken care in fully too.

Production Budget2/2

Final 50% of IYM production budget can be paid after the completion of the video editing.

In case any third party has been contracted, that company policy would be applied.

For works with special requirements/expenses this conditions may change

Insurance & Responsibility

As a general norm the clients take production responsibility over the shooting process. It is the responsibility of the clients to ensure all the members of their party stay safe, keep the schedule and behave accordingly during the experience. If the clients fail to keep this the experience can be suspended or cancelled and the video not being finished, without any refund option.

When the venue is supplied by clients (for example a customer’s house or property) it is the responsibility of the clients to guarantee a safety working environment and the safety of the participant actors and IYM director.

It is the responsibility of the clients to supervise and take care of the insurance for events happening during the shoot as well as the travel insurance for the participant members and the YPM director. 


On client-producer part

Once the production budget is approved by the client there is no possibility of refund for the services.  For that reason we suggest having appropriate insurance for any contingency that could stop or hinder the shoot.

On IYM part

In case of impossibility* for the IYM director to attend the scheduled shoot, the appropriate travel insurance booked by the client-producer must take care of all the expenses generated for that issue also as an optional rescheduling for the shoot-travel.

The impossibility reasons include: natural catastrophe, sickness, dead, accident, serious injury, close relative decease or exceptional occurrences 

Outdoors shootings

Outdoor activities are especially sensitive to weather. For shoots scheduled outdoors there’s always a risk of cancelling due to rain, strong wind or bad weather. In those cases alternative dates or a backup renting studio shall be considered in the plan.

Intellectual property rights

It is the right and responsibility of the clients to use the final video, respecting the lawful attributions of the work.

The clients acquire legal responsibility for their customized screenplay. It’s important that clients understand the legal limitations of their video and use it respectfully with the law in their country or any other country where they may broadcast it.

Except explicit agreement, the image rights of the participants are exclusive of the clients.

Except explicit agreement, the base screenplay rights are not exclusive to the clients and can be freely used by IYM and other clients.

Except explicit agreement, the music soundtrack rights are not exclusive to the client-producer and can be freely used by IYM and other clients.