Personalized Film Acting Experiences

IYM is a company based in Malaga, Spain. It has been created by Carlos Javier Guerrero, a highly creative Spanish writer, director and musician with extensive experience working in the UK and Japan.
Inside Your Movie offers acting and filmmaking as an entertainment option for adventurous people who want to do something really unique and memorable together. We design the activity in order to make it accessible to our clients regardless of their acting experience. With many screenplays and parodies to customize, the filming process itself is designed to be a fun activity lasting from half a day to several, depending on the client’s preferences. The final result is a package with a stunning movie, behind the scenes footage and wonderful photos with the potential to be the highlight of an amazing event. This will become a memento that will grow in value over the years.
We take advantage of the newest 3D technologies, VFX and recording equipment, to achieve an excellent cinematic product within a moderate investment of our guest’s time. We have an always expanding multiverse of self created stories, worlds and characters that we can adapt and modify for our clients’ experiences.

Carlos Javier Guerrero, “I am NOT a Rebel Star” experience presentation