IYM is a company based in Malaga, Spain. It was created in 2021 by Carlos Javier Guerrero, an extremely creative Spanish writer, director and musician with extensive experience working in the UK and Japan.

The purpose of IYM is to provide a unique teamwork experience for active people who like challenges and love cinema or cosplaying. We design the activity in order to make acting and filmmaking accessible to groups of passionate people, families or incentive travel, regardless of their acting experience, age or interests. With many engaging screenplays and parodies in all styles to customise, the filming process itself is designed to be a fun experience lasting about one week. The final result is a stunning video to show at a private premiere or to the world, a memento that will grow in value over the years.

Carlos Javier Guerrero, “I am NOT a Rebel Star” experience presentation

Taking advantage of the newest 3D technologies, FX and recording equipment, we can achieve an excellent cinematic product within a moderate investment of time and money. One of the keys is a plan based on a well-designed screenplay that doesn’t include scenes that are either risky, too difficult and/or expensive. All VFX and complicated scenes suggested in our proposals have been studied and simulated in advance, so we know how to shoot them efficiently and get the job done.

On a general basis we try to conduct a pleasant and warm shoot with a minimal crew. Recording sessions will generally be about half a day, enjoyable and casual, and under the guidance of just a friendly cameraman-director who the group is familiar with, and a couple of assistants at the most. Depending on the length of the story/video experience there may be several half-day sessions, though participants only have to join the ones they have a part in. Preparations are very important and there is complete acting guidance with informal rehearsals before the shoot so that participants can feel confident and enjoy themselves.

Characterization and cosplay are some of the highlights of the experience. We take into account participants’ preferences for adjusting their desired characters to fit in the screenplay. Screenplays can also be changed and adapted to suit participants’ time limitations or other needs, their number, enthusiasm, characters’ looks, sex, age, personalities, protagonism, and other changes in the story…
We provide a very detailed storyboard, which is a visual representation of the film sequence shot by shot, like a graphic novel. We even provide 3D video-story animations with clear hints about how to perform in complicated scenes and get an accurate idea about how the final video will look before we even start.

We propose that our clients visit us in Spain for most of our experiences, and we will suggest some interesting areas where they can enjoy a relaxed stay with picturesque places nearby to use as locations. Depending on the proposal, it may be necessary to do some of the shoots in a studio but we try to minimize this and employ real locations as much as possible.

Nevertheless Spain is a convenient place to film in, it has a large number of locations that have been employed in blockbuster movies and series like Game Of Thrones, Indiana Jones, classic westerns… and there is a massive range of hotel and leisure options to combine with the experience in one of the most visited destinations in the world.