Inside Your Movie creates its own animations and cinematics in order to achieve a spectacular movie and to reduce the shoot time. We can modify animations the way our clients wish for their movie and we can even use personalized 3D characters and avatars. Clients can also participate in the creation of the animations and voice the animated characters.


Not only can we combine pre-made scenes with our clients’ footage, but they can watch the movie they are going to make beforehand, thanks to our 3D previsualizations.

Like the best film studios we work with storyboards and powerful animatic previsualizations of the whole movie. This is an incredible tool for a flawless shoot.

This process offers a significant number of advantages:

  • Full concept comprehension. Clients can see and understand the idea of their movie before the experience.
  • Shoot speed and guidance. When filming, technical staff and participants can follow the animatic as a reference. Performers can have a quick guide on how to play their part.
  • Editing speed. Our clients have to wait much less time for editing because sound, visual effects, music and 3D environments and animations have already been created, so we only need to adapt them to their experience footage.
  • VFX previsualization. We can understand the complexity of the visual effects and prepare them with more accuracy. Our clients can see the VFX quality in advance.