INSIDE YOUR MOVIE: Unique film acting experience

Inside Your Movie provides a unique experience for participants to become the stars of a personalised high-quality short film.
Cosplay, teamwork, travel and fun are the milestones on a journey to achieving a spectacular movie for the participants, regardless of their performing experience.
The activity is absolutely flexible and tailor-made, based on the customer's tastes and needs, with a number of screenplay and cosplay/character options to choose from and customise.
We have designed many of our proposals to be shot in southern Spain, as an enjoyable travel package over several days, taking advantage of the wonderful cinematic locations and the great weather in one of the most visited places in the world.
Inside Your Movie can also provide services anywhere in the world, dispatching a single professional or a minimal team to the customer's own location.


Story Proposals

Between our screenplay proposals there are unique stories and parodies, the mainly recommended styles are

Locations Catalogue

The shoot can be done in a studio, rental location, the customer’s property or a

Cosplay Suggestions

One of the most enjoyable parts of IYM experiences is to become someone new, a

SFX Examples

In IYM we are always researching the latest technologies for the creation of stunning special

  • A teamwork adventure

  • All ages and beginner friendly

  • Choose your own style and get inside

  • High-end video with cinematic look and sound