We have our own multiverse of fantasy and magic for our clients to get inside. We have a number of virtual locations, dream castles, spooky cemeteries, dark forests and caves designed for a comfortable studio shoot and a fantastic movie in little time. We also have stories designed for real locations like picturesque castles or courtyards.

We can include our cinematics with evil monsters and creatures to put the epic touch to the film without having to increase shoot time.
The most adventurous participants can also get into the skin of the evil characters… fun is guaranteed!

We have a bunch of stories and ideas to start the adventure:

I Am NOT that Wizard
An ordinary person finds him/herself mistaken for a famous wizard and is recruited to fight an evil force inside a magical realm.

War of the Wizards: Duel At Midnight *Studio experience
Battle of magic for participants looking for an awesome display of fantastic spells and epic deaths for a one-day experience.

War of the Wizards: Magic World Cup *Castle experience
Battle of magic to be shot in a real location such as a picturesque castle. Ideal for large groups.

IYM Book Of Spells
We have an ever evolving catalog of magic spells and visual effects for our clients to choose their favorite enchantment, spell… or death.