A mysterious new house becomes a trap for its confused guests.

Labyrinth House is a very visual story full of magic and thrill about a house that traps a family inside.  Everyone is isolated in a single room, and that will allow us to work with each participant independently and be very flexible. Therefore this is an easier shoot from the acting performance side which compensates for a sometimes challenging VFX shoot.

  • Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
  • Number of Participants: 3-6 or more
  • Duration: 5-10 minutes short story
  • Locations: Large house with many rooms advisable
  • Acting performance difficulty: Variable
  • FX difficulty: Medium-High

In Your House experiences are fully customizable so even if you may see we have created stories based on a standard family, keep in mind we can easily adapt the characters and story for any group of participants and location.

In Your House experiences:

In Your House experiences have been designed to be shot mainly in a large house as a central stage for a fantasy adventure short film.

This can be almost anywhere in the world; we send a skilled director-cameraman to work with the group of clients for several days. 

The participants will have the chance to have a real acting experience based on a flexible screenplay that will be personalized to their needs and tastes. The characters in the story can be easily customizable, so participants can choose their own style.

This is also a teamwork activity, and an introduction to filmmaking, as we work together solving problems in order to achieve amazing VFX.