A fellowship of heroes must find their way through a land of evil to destroy the creature who will subjugate the world according to a prophecy, the cutest baby ever…

I am Not the Ring Master experience allows participants to play a role in a parody of epic movies and heroic quests. Located in an amazing world of dragons and magic, a hilarious plot about the end of the world.

Paticipants can decide what kind of hero they want to be and even get out of the line because of the parody flexibility. Amazing cinematics and VFX togheter with a unique soundtrack will help to wrap a beautiful movie. Outdoor shots of the journey are a suggested highlight for this experience.

  • Genres: Parody, Comedy, Fantasy, Action
  • Number of Participants: 5 or more
  • Duration: 15 to 20 minutes short story. Trailer/shorter versions optional
  • Locations: Studio and Outdoors.
  • Estimated shoot sessions: Between 1 to 4, depending on the length of the project
  • Characterization: Fantasy-Medieval with flexible complexity.
  • FX difficulty: Hard

The Ring Master Multiverse

The Story:

The Characters:

The Settings: