Be creative, this is Your MoviE!

Inside Your Movie experiences are taylormade for our clients. This not only means that they will decide about when, where and what we’ll shoot, but clients can also participate in the whole creative process of the project.

The Story: We propose a base story and clients can modify it and even participate in the screenplay design.

Characters: Clients/participants will dress up and perform, so it’s important that they decide on the look and personality of each character. Also they can choose whether to be a protagonist, a secondary character or if they prefer a background role.

Locations: Clients can always choose the place for the story to be shot, based on their interests and logistics. When we shoot in a studio for computer generated environments, not only do we have the convenience and control of the setup, we can modify and decide about the virtual worlds the story takes place in.

Animations: Inside Your Movie creates its own animations and cinematics in order to achieve a spectacular movie and to reduce the shoot time. We can modify animations the way our clients wish for their movie and we can even use personalized 3D characters and avatars. Clients can also participate in the creation of the animations and voice the animated characters.