For business and incentive travel we offer the ultimate team building experience. Not only do the participants become the stars of a spectacular movie, but we also customize the story and elements in the film to tie in with the business and the brand as much as they wish. We can recreate the company’s iconic buildings and transform them into castles, spaceships or fantasy environments. We can use their logo and commercial products for the story, as well as pictures of emblematic figures in the company or even 3D recreations of characters.

  • Flexible/large number of participants: Experiences designed to allow a large number of participants. Main roles for the most enthusiastic members and background roles for the rest.
  • One day shoot activity: We suggest spending a day for the whole shoot experience. We adapt the logistics for large groups, recording by time slots for organized teams, so the participants can manage their time and finish their part in one or two hours.
  • Studio or picturesque location: Both possibilities, depending on the needs of the group and their destination.
  • Customization: We can adapt the screenplay, characters and environments to business topics, and we suggest incorporating into the story elements, logos or products related to the company so we can create an unforgettable film.

Star Hawks

Based on IYM’s Rebel Star multiverse, we offer participants the opportunity to get inside one of the most immersive film experiences that we provide. We employ a real SCI-FI set up so participants can feel and perform as if they were inside a medium-size spaceship cabin. We combine this with our unique animations, 3D characters and VFX to create a fantastic movie that we customize based on our client’s wishes.

War Of The Wizards (Studio)

Based on our Wizards multiverse, we have created a tournament where participants will display an impressive range of fun spells, curses, glorious deaths and enchantments. A frenetic battle where we can employ 3D avatars as stunt doubles for the participants, so nobody will get hurt!

War Of The Wizards (Castle)

For clients holding their event in a picturesque location such as a castle. We propose shooting a magic fight, taking advantage of the magnificent backgrounds of the venue.

The Living Dead Crusade

Based on The Ring Master multiverse, we propose an epic experience for tough people who can cope with the challenges and discomfort of an outdoor shoot experience: a battle against an army of the darkness, in an epic location. Great for cool pictures and heroic takes, an impressive movie that will boost company morale.