The world of the Visual FX has become incredibly accesible for everybody in the last years, with computer graphics softwares evolving incredibly fast, like Unreal Engine… And we are only getting better!

In Inside Your Movie we take advantage of those latest technologies to make possible the dream of making a high quality short film with a moderate investment of time and money.

Carlos Javier Guerrero in Rebel Star experience video presentation. Virtual production inside UE example. Environment based in “Modular SciFi Season 1” from Jonathon Frederick.

Here are some of the examples of how the new advances in computer graphics allow us to boost our studio cinematics, making posible the idea of creating an ashtonishing short film as an entertainment experience for the participants:

Customizable Environments

Thanks to Unreal Engine resources like the marketplace of assets and megascans, we can buy, create and modify the 3D environments and worlds for our experiences with several degrees of realism and lots of flexibility.

High Elven Environment created for “I am not The Ring Master” film experience, created using Kitbash and other assets.
Count Von Moordread and his minions in his castle for “I am NOT That Wizard” film experience.

Day by day improving compositing

Green screen compositing techniques have become affordable and allow us to use those 3D worlds as virtual settups for the story.

Starfighter pilot compositing inside UE.

Customizable Character Creation

Nowadays we can access and create 3D characters in a way we wouldn’t imagine few years ago. We use these characters for some parts of the story simplifying the shoot, and we can even customize those characters, thanks to applications like metahuman.

Metahuman Creator application by Epic Games

Motion Capture for animations

Having wonderful 3D Characters is not enough to make a scene, they need to perform. Few years ago motion capture was extremelly expensive, but new solutions like Rokoko studio and Livelink have made animation accesible with reasonable quality.

3D Scan

3D Scan is becoming quite easy too, allowing us to scan objects, places or even people we want to implement in a 3D environment. We can even create customized avatars to use in our story or we can simplify difficult VFX shots for real actors with those avatars.

Storyboarding and Animatics

We also use Unreal Engine to create storyboards and animate them (animatics) for the previsualization of our projects. This not only allow our clients to understand trully how the film is going to be, it also helps them to know how they have to perform, and all the technical team around.

Animatics are the best blueprint for any efficient production.

Real shoot, storyboard and animatic examples for the same shoot.