Inside Your Movie video presentation 2023

“Inside Your Movie” offers a short-film acting experience for unique people who want to do something wonderful together. We have a number of stories to choose from, and customize, based on the tastes, the number and the needs of the group.

“Door to another dimension” Labyrinth House experience

Participants work with the character they like, and perform as actors, in order to create a high quality video, a stunning memory to share at their own private premiere or openly with the world*, and it is definitely going to last forever.

“Exillium” spellcast in “I am NOT That Wizard” experience

Before the shoot there is guidance and rehearsal for everybody, so even inexperienced participants can learn how to perform, and enjoy the entire process.

IYM acting experience shoot process examples

Shoots are conducted using a minimal team, with an easy-going atmosphere, trying to achieve the best possible quality but avoiding long or uncomfortable sessions. 

Everyone will decide about their character’s looks, though strong characterization is highly recommended.

It’s always wonderful to become someone different!

We have a multiverse of environments and characters, with animations for cinematics, and visual FX for the most ambitious experiences.

We can work anywhere in the world but we suggest our clients visit us in Malaga Spain, for their shoot session, compatible with leisure and sightseeing in the area.

We propose our partner Estudio Blanco as one of the best options for shooting our studio experiences in the area.

Virtual Production techniques employed in Inside Your Movie top experiences

We are always trying to make use of the latest technologies and we can even create customized avatars and characters with several degrees of realism.

3D Characters and avatars for cinematics

Thanks to our detailed storyboards and animatics, it’s possible to pre-visualize the full concept of the story before the shoot.

Detailed storyboard an animatics for previsualization of the story

It is also an option to send a director-cameraman to work in the client’s desired location for specific projects. 

We can work anywhere

We usually suggest this for what we call “In Your House” experiences. These are fantasy-adventure stories that can be mostly shot in a single location. 

Some of the best stories can be done in your house

Be aware it is not necessary to take on something complicated to have a wonderful time. Just enjoying working together with a good story can be the best experience.