A couple of siblings need to find their younger sister lost in a magical realm, a multiverse of movies inside their own TV.

Back to the Living Room works with the old topic of being trapped inside the world of fiction beyond the TV. This means a challenging shoot from the VFX point of view, but it offers us a wide scope of worlds we can visit, allowing us a easier personalizable film experience*.

*Keep in mind we cannot employ copyrighted material, characters or props.

In Your House experiences are fully customizable so even if you may see we have created stories based on a standard family, keep in mind we can easily adapt the characters and story for any group of participants and location.

  • Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
  • Number of Participants: 3 or more
  • Duration: 5 to 10 minutes short story
  • Locations: A house and green screen studio necessary
  • Acting performance difficulty: Variable
  • FX difficulty: Very hard

In Your House experiences:

In Your House experiences have been designed to be shot mainly in a large house as a central stage for a fantasy adventure short film.

This can be almost anywhere in the world; we send a skilled director-cameraman to work with the group of clients for several days. 

The participants will have the chance to have a real acting experience based on a flexible screenplay that will be personalized to their needs and tastes. The characters in the story can be easily customizable, so participants can choose their own style.

This is also a teamwork activity, and an introduction to filmmaking, as we work together solving problems in order to achieve amazing VFX.